About Young Engineers

Young Engineers Canada believes in the future of engineering, science and the way it will impact the world for the better!

Our focus is on the younger generation, and the ability to create passionate, highly skilled engineers and scientists. Young Engineers’ initiative is to establish an original approach for engaging young people, and enticing them to enjoy learning and wanting to create.

e² Young Engineers vision is to increase STEM awareness and educate the next generation of engineers and stem-related careers around the world using Young Engineers Edutainment methods,programs and systems. Our programs provides a hands on educational experience where students will learn mathematics and physical principles through intuitive study, develop their independent learning and improve their creative and constructive skills.

About Young Engineers Toronto Central:

We are a group of friends who have a passion for empowering the next generation. The concept of learning STEM concepts through fun hands on learning, excited us and motivated us to join the e² Young Engineers Family. Young Engineers invites anyone who loves to experience, to experiment and enjoy Lego construction with games and scientific experiments that visualize natural phenomena and allows students to quickly and effectively grasp scientific principles.

Why Young Engineers Enrichment Programs

It has been statistically proven that students participating in our Young Engineers enrichment programs achieve high grades in all science courses taught in school.

Young Engineers’ contribution to academic success has been proven!

After extensive testing by the Center for Cooperative Advancement, statistics show that students participating in Young Engineers enrichment programs achieve higher grades in all science subjects taught in school. Our programs have proven to increase students’ concentration and creativity. During our years of operation, we have witnessed a rapid growth and global expansion. 

For more information, please read the Statistical Analysis Report.