We Believe

We Believe in a Real Desire to Learn
We want to make you a believer

We believe that the best way to educate children is through games. Through games, children learn about themselves and the world around them.

We believe that conventional-style lessons do not trigger enough interest and curiosity. Curiosity is the primary motivation for the desire to learn.

We believe that Young Engineers’ curricula provides a new platform for children to construct, demonstrate and understand scientific principles through playing games. Our students understand that the theory is important and aids them with their “playing” skills.

We believe in knowing how to make children enjoy all learning materials, and how to properly communicate with the child so that they will absorb the subject matter.

We want our students to want to take an active part in their own learning process. We believe that this occurs through a four-stage process:

Bonding: “I like it!”
Children love to play and learn new games together. As long as the games are fun and exciting, they will want to keep playing.

Feelings: “It interests me”
Humans always improve their skills when they work towards a goal that they are passionate about and find interesting. Children will get better at “playing” our games because they aspire to create bigger and better models.

Understanding: “I need it”
Children know that in order to progress in games and hobbies, they must understand the rules. At Young Engineers’ enrichment programs, our students quickly realize that they must comprehend the engineering principles behind their models. This is in order to improve their skills and achieve successful progression in their abilities.

Empowerment: “I’m good at this!”
It is easy to become skilled at something one enjoys. Our students have fun in our enrichment programs and enjoy what they are doing. This reinforces their aspiration to continue learning and continue to desire mastering necessary skills to become an expert.